Located in the business district area of Palembang, the Sintesa Peninsula Hotel Palembang opened its door in November 2011.

With only 15 minutes access to the central area and 20 minutes to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, The Sintesa Peninsula Hotel is destined to become the place to meet for business.


84 magnificent Deluxe Rooms, Junior Suites, Suites and a Presidential Suite offers luxurious four star standards and with a minimum of 28 square meter of space.

Sizable bathrooms with a separate shower cubicles compliment the comfortably appointed bedrooms.


About Palembang

Palembang, is the second largest town in Sumatera after Medan. Musi River, Ampera Bridge is the Famous and Historical Place in Palembang. Ampera Bridge was opened to public on 1965 and now become an icon of Modern Palembang.

The Musi River is the larger river has its source deep in the Bukit Barisan Mountains. Known for its local delicacy, when in Palembang do not forget to try the spicy steamed river fish wrapped in banana leaves called Pindang, or Palembang’s specialty, the favorite dish called Pempek dipped in aromatic sweet vinegar sauce.